Sad day for my Van


I have owned a Bedford CF motorhome for as long as I can remember, in fact I think it will feel odd no longer having one, but despite the huge sentimental value to me, I can no longer afford to keep her, so she will have to go.

So trying to pull some positives from this tragic scenario, I am going to remove the twelve volt electrics, including solar panels, and plan to install them in my shed. The van had enough battery to keep it powered for… Actually I don’t think the internal batteries have ever run out through use since I’ve had her, so I have no idea how long they would last.

My plan is to keep the batteries and solar charging set-up in the shed, and run cable up into the house where I will use it to charge phones, iPads etc. I will also take some of the lights too and put the LEDs outside the shed to provide some outdoor light when required.

While I think about it, I will take the fridge as well, although I am not sure if I could safely install it in the shed, but I know they are tricky to get hold of, so if and when I get another van, I can always transplant it into that.

Ooh, I might even take the water pump, and fix it up to be able to water the garden from rain water.

Now I think about it there are a lot of positive things I can do with the equipment that is tied up in the van, it will just still make me extremely sad to no longer have her.

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