Ways to help


As with everyone in life, I could do with a little extra money. In an ideal world I would blog and brew and farm and drink and cook and eat and chat and travel 24/7. Unfortunately money has to come into this equation somewhere, and although I am aiming to find a way to find my own little slice of tranquility and land, everything comes with a financial cost.

This is obviously just a preamble to, got any spare change guv?

I will post some very easy and secure ways you could help out, and all of this will be put towards planting stuff and cooking stuff. If, and a very big if, I end up getting a lot of contributions, I will send any excess to charity. Half to Countess Mountbatten Hospice Charity, and the other half to whoever everyone else fancies. We’ll have a poll every month or something.

Various reviews I will be posting might have some form of links that help me out. I will always tell you which ones feather my nest, and how, so I will link those pages here too.

First one: I am very happy to accept bitcoin, there is a link on the homepage, but here it is again: bitcoin:33ACvBzwHpoLvbHqqriTAvbehuTyjEkZ4j

I also have a Paypal account that you can donate to here at paypal.me/BuntCaboon

I have a Patreon page which you will be able to find at www.patreon.com/Bunt

I am also open to free stuff, so if you have a product you want me to play with*, or even if you just want to send me something, just use the contact form and we will arrange that. I love pressies.

I will add an amazon Wishlist soon, as some people might be willing to help with things I could do with, as well as things I would just like to try and review.

I added two amazon wish lists, this one is for stuff I just want to try out or experiment with, and this is for stuff that I really need.

I am not sure if the link takes you to amazon smile specifically, but if you buy through amazon smile, a percentage of your money goes to a charity. I have mine set to The Countess Mountbatten Hospice Charity, of course. Make sure yours is giving a little back when you use Amazon.

*I will not be extra kind to your product if I review it just because you’ve given one to me for free, so don’t get whingey if I rip the piss out of your product because it manifestly doesn’t do what it should.