Morning thoughts


I will apologise again for the lack of articles springing forth right now, but it is only a few days until the internet will be back up and in action. In the mean time I managed, after a long wait, to upload these pics as a brief post just to let you know I haven’t hung up the keyboard quite yet.

As I was about to cook breakfast this morning, I found the cat just sitting there staring out of the catflap, and I realised that see-through catflaps are just like patio doors for kitties. He sits there admiring the scenery and watching the world go by, and when it takes his fancy, he wanders out for a closer look. Deep, man, deep!

So we have finally had some rain, which is good news for saving water on giving the plants a soak, but bad news as now the slugs seem to think they have the right to come on out and help themselves to my food. Very much open to any friendly natural ways to discourage them from doing so, if anyone has any ideas.

I will sign off with a picture of the sexiest looking bulb of spring garlic I think I have ever seen, and hope to be back to regular service in the next few days.

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