If you are Chloe, this is for you


Random post title I realised, but I needed to get a code for someone, so this is said information.
Please feel free to comment or email if this was helpful, even if you’re not Chloe lol

Click this link for the Curve Card

Use the code KDLWD for your referral and we both get a fiver in the account 😀

This is a link for a Starling account

Use Code LA98C08W and I get a little heart thingy on my app, not sure if it does anything, but it is worth knowing that Starling are awesome.

Anyway, click those links and share them with the world, and if Chloe is reading this, hi, and thanks for the help and let me know if these work 😀

One thought on “If you are Chloe, this is for you

  1. Bunt Caboon

    It seems my contact form provider is a bit crap, and as I had never looked at it before today, I was unaware of this fact. I will find a working replacement, and now just leaving this comment to see if this even works :/

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