First Time Since The Sun Left


As productivity has completely slumped as we draw ourselves even closer into winter, I have not completed anything of any value, blog-wise. 

To break up this inactivity, I felt it was worth posting a couple of links for a couple of cool, yet free artistic endeavours. 

It is worth noting at this point that the cover photo for this post has relatively little to do with the contents, but it is a photo of a friend’s neighbour’s contribution to chrimble spirit down in the southern hemisphere. Now that’s sorted out, I will continue.

The guy who puts together the playlists on the side bar has dropped something new that’s worth listening to and sharing worth everyone you know. Soundcloud link here:

Also worth mentioning is the fact that I have five referral codes for worth $20 each if you sign up and get an account. It is worth doing fairly quickly as they are about to launch Visa cards in the USA, and last time they launched cards, the coin price quadrupled.

They are first come first served so don’t be too upset if they’ve already gone; either way, it is a thoroughly recommended way to enter the world of cryptocurrency. 

That’s it i think, i hope this turns out ok, as the latest update to WordPress has made it hard to edit on the move, so if it looks dreadful, I apologise and will endeavour to fix it when i get in front of a desktop. 

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