I like trees


I know this seems a little random, as there is actually so much other stuff going on that I should probably keep you up to date with, but I thought a little appreciation for trees wouldn’t go amiss. Apart from the whole oxygen thing, they are generally unique and interesting. they almost have a personality of their own, and considering the ages they can reach, this seems understandable.

The tree pictured here is a prime example. It is almost like it grew specifically to be a training tree for kids to learn to climb on. It is a sylvan delight of branches and low hanging footholds, just waiting for someone to scale its lofty heights and enjoy the view from the top, or at least as high as courage will last.

I wonder how many children living locally climbed this with nervous parents looking on. Time moves ponderously onwards and the same kids are sitting underneath with their friends from school, enjoying the shade from the summer sun. It isn’t too long before they will be sharing a kiss with a crush, then maybe a loved one, then maybe a partner. We all grow, but as long as the tree is allowed to remain, it stays, implacable against the winds of time, while we get old.

I wanted to climb the tree, and I felt a momentary pang of sadness. I realised how long it had been since I had felt the wind in what’s left of my hair, high in the branches of a living organism that had been alive well before I was born and would probably still be there for decades to come. I very nearly gave in to my temptation, but realised that in the days of social media and with everyone having a camera in their pocket, I couldn’t live down having to be rescued by the fire service when I discovered I couldn’t get down.

Kids should climb trees, but I think adults should too occasionally, just remind them that the child from your past is still in there somewhere, and sometimes wants to come out and play.

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