Hello world!


Well I guess I should welcome you to the website and hope you get settled in and enjoy yourself. I have no idea what direction this could take, and I am very happy that you joined us here to come along for the ride.

The articles will be grouped into three categories, at least to begin with. Cooking stuff is gonna be fairly self explanatory, as is gardening news, for those of you who cannot wait to hear about my strawbs.

There will be a section for stuff that I have tried and tested and think is worth having. As a disclaimer, some of the stuff there I link (not all) may give me some sort of benefit for you buying them from my link, but I am not biased, I won’t link stuff that’s crap, even if I’m offered a jet for every signup. On that note, if you have a decent product that will net me a jet for every signup, head over to the contact page.

Edit: Actually if something does benefit me from a signup link I will post it so you know I am being transparent. I would like to make some money, who doesn’t, but I don’t believe in being underhand doing it.

On that note, there will be a load of places you can donate to the website upkeep, if you’re one of those lucky people who have a couple of quid left at the end of the month, it would be lovely if it could go to help pay for the website, and anything left over will be either be donated directly to charity, or if the donations get crazy big, will be used to set up a charity geared towards ecologically aware projects.

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