Things to know about garlic


One of the first things I wanted to plant and grow was garlic. When I looked into it and found how easy it was, I’m gutted I ever bought garlic more than once or twice in my life. Turns out growing garlic is as simple as buying a bulb of garlic from the shop, organic and fresh for preference, breaking it open and simply popping the individual cloves into soil about a half finger length deep with the pointy end up. Then water and wait. Simplest thing ever, and it gets even better. I have not been growing them to get more bulbs of garlic, I have been using them as spring garlic, so when there’s a good length of stem growing from the soil, which doesn’t take more than a few weeks, I started pulling them and using them a little like spring onion. 


That was when I had yet another brainwave. Turns out that if you just dig down through the soil a little until you get to the original clove, you can snip the new growth off and cover it back up, and it will carry on growing. I’ve only done this to one round of growth, so I do not know how it will affect the second growth, but I will definitely keep you informed.

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