First review, and this is a finance app


Now luckily for you all, I am a very inquisitive person, and I like to always make sure I have the awesome things. To properly ascertain what is awesome, it means I have to buy, join, and subscribe to a lot of things. I put myself through his sacrifice so you don’t have to. So one night I found that Apple’s App Store was showcasing personal finance type apps. Out of the apps on display, I downloaded and joined a few, and gave them a test drive.

The first shout out has to go to Yolt. Yolt is an amazing app that you add your current bank accounts to, and it takes the data and gives you an overview of what you are spending your money on, how much you have left, and the establishments that take the most of your hard-earned. It is very simple to use and you just need your online banking details to get started. Enter your bank details and bolt will download your transactions as far back as your bank will provide them. It puts your transactions into categories, and it isn’t too bad at getting them right first time. Any categories that are wrong you can change, and it will change similar transactions and will learn for next time.

If you have more than one bank account or credit card, this is a valuable bit of kit. It is free, it is licensed and regulated, so I feel confident it is secure. I haven’t gone to the rigmarole of checking all the security info on their website because, fuck it, life is short.

I will pop the link to their website here again, do go and have a look. Since Microsoft stopped supporting their “Money” app, this is the best replacement I have seen, so it gets a solid thumbs up from me. I get no personal payments or benefits from you using this link, so feel free to use it or Duck them.

It is available on iPhone, and also on android, if you are that way inclined.

Thanks for reading this far 😀

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