Elderflower Champagne


I have to admit, even though I say it myself, so far, home brewing has gone pretty well. So while I wait for payday, and the money to afford new ingredients, I thought it was time for some hedgerow wine. Locally the council have very thoughtfully planted a copse of Elder trees, so I wandered down there a week or so ago to pick some of the heads for some elderflower champagne. It is one of the simplest recipes, so I didn’t think there would be much I could fuck up, but it seems that whatever I have done, it comes under the heading ‘WRONG’.

On the bright side, all I have wasted is a little time and some sugar, but I am very disappointed that I own a bucket of sugary water with twigs and shit floating in it, rather than six or so bottles of delicious elderflower champagne.

I would’ve settled for ok tasting stuff if I’m honest.

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